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    The BDO publishes two oracle decks, the Druid Ogham Oracle, and the Druid Tarot. The Ogham Oracle set consists of 25 cards, each illustrated with the Ogham letter in red, backed by leaves of the tree or plant to which that letter relates. The cards include phrase Oghams from the Scholar’s Primer, the medieval bardic training manual from which most of our knowledge of the Ogham alphabet derives. The cards were originally designed on a smaller scale to be included with our Ovate course, but the first set looked so cool we couldn’t resist making a larger set more widely available. Our hope is that the cards, and accompanying text, will be attractive enough to wean folk with Celtic leanings away from Runes!
    The Druid Tarot is a project I began in the 1980s, essentially taking my favourite images from British and European archaeology and rendering them as woodcuts. I chose woodcuts as the medium because it has a kind of primitive feel I was after. I wanted to enhance the stark power of the original artefacts. The meanings are drawn from the medieval literature of Britain and Ireland.
    You can find information about them from the links in our webshop here:
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