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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    The Months of the Year:

    Jerrey-Geuree = January
    Toshiaght-Arree = February
    Mean-Arree = March
    Jerrey-Arree = April
    Toshiaght- Sourree = May
    Mean-Souree = June
    Jerrey-Souree = July
    Toshiaght-Ouyir = August
    Mean-Fouyir = September
    Jerrey-Fouyir = October
    Toshiaght-Gheuree = November
    Mean-Gheuree = December

    The Seasons:
    Yn Arragh – Spring
    Y Sourey – Summer
    Y Fouyr – Autumn/Fall
    Yn Gheurey – Winter.

    In Manx Times of the Year, the Season Change at the same times as the Four Celtic Sacred Sabbaths of Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasad and Samhain.

    So Manx Spring starts on February 1st, Summer starts on May 1st, Fall starts on August 1st and Winter starts on November 1st.

    Shows that Ancient Celtic Culture has a lot of influence with Manx Culture.