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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Since the subject of Harm has been brought up fairly often in the past couple of years especially in my BC Forums Pagans Forum, I have decided to make it the Dark Subject for this Year’s Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem.

    It is about what sort of effects Harm can have.

    So Here It Is –

    Doing Harm Is:
    – Destructive,
    – Creates Bad Karma,
    – But Sometimes Necessary.

    The Most Harmful People Are:
    – Sociopaths,
    – Psychopaths,
    – And Narcissistic Perfectionists.

    When Harm Is Corrected:
    – There is Happiness,
    – Joy,
    – And Celebrations.


    Destructive Harm:
    – Vandalism,
    – Seeking Revenge,
    – And Bullying Others.

    Harmful Karma Comes Back:
    – From Past Lifes Harms,
    – Effect Your Present Life,
    – Or Can Haunt Us In Future Lives,

    Harm Is Sometimes Necessary:
    – When Defending One Self From Harm,
    – When Protecting The Bullied,
    – And When Punishing Criminals.


    Because Of Harmful People:
    – We Need The Police,
    – Social Workers,
    – And The Fire Brigade.

    Harm Can Create:
    – Spiritual,
    – Emotional,
    – As Well As Physical Damage.

    Harm Created When Pranks Go Horribly Wrong:
    – Old Wounds Might Be Reopened,
    – Cause Irreparable Damage,
    – And Can Summon The Wraith Of The GRIM REAPER!