Reply To: Technical Support Request


    Apologies for the belated reply. A couple of years ago, we switched to a system that appeared to offer greater functionality. Unfortunately, the switchover created various problems we’ve been struggling with ever since. Our main IT guy is currently looking at switching back to the previous system, but has to ensure that doing so won’t then create a new raft of problems. In the meantime, he’s running to keep up with issues as and when they arise.
    I’ve not been on the forum myself for a while having had Covid. I’ve tried to encourage members, students and admins to use the forum more but it’s very hard to wean people off facebook. That said, if there are technical concerns about course delivery or website functionality, it might elicit a quicker response if you were to flag them up on the BDO students facebook page.
    Unlike OBOD, we can’t afford to employ full-time staff, so almost everyone who does anything for the BDO does so for love but little or no money. Some, including our IT guy, have other, full-time jobs. Hence it ca take us a while to resolve issues, but we do get there in the end.
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\