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    Hello again,

    I’ve just bumped up an old(er) thread – the Bookshelf – with members’ recommendations and some reviews of books. I started the thread a couple of years ago so as to be helpful to us all, and it was also a nice way to talk about what we were all reading. You may also find it interesting. (I’ve posted the link at the bottom.)

    I agree with you about actually being able to visit the places. In my opinion, wherever you may be, a Druid must ‘walk the land’, no two places are the same, no two places have the same energy. If I’m in a Breton forest, it’s not the same as being on a lonely Cornish moor or coastal, cliff-edge path and so on even though there are also some similarities, too. Furthermore, taking into account the original meaning of the word original, I believe that all myths, legends, and folklore have a basis in truth. In Cornwall we have the legend of Lethowsow – Lyonesse – and both in Mount’s Bay (ancient flooded forest) and out towards the Scilly Isles, there’s archaeological evidence that forested and inhabited land was indeed drowned beneath the sea … so who knows?

    Getting back to books, three books that I’d also recommend – more, perhaps as reference materials, would be:

    Pagan Celtic Britain (1974; revised edition 2005) by Anne Ross – a noted Celticist, who was involved in the curious case of the Hexham Heads – I might post a thread about this on the main forum.

    Trioedd Ynys Prydein – The Triads of the Islands of Britain
    by Rachel Bromwich (ed.). 4th edition (2014), University of Wales Press.

    The Celtic Heroic Age: Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe & Early Ireland & Wales
    by John T. Koch & John Carey, Celtic Studies Publications (4 Edition: 2013)

    Bookshelf link:


    Right well, I hope this is of some help and inspiration.