Reply To: Bardic course end and submissions

Melanie Willows

    Thank you Dowrgi. The course said to share on here and let the tutors know how you are responding to the course. At the end of booklets 1-4, I sent an email with photos on the 12th of August to the tutor address. I’m not sure if it was filtered as junk; or if the tutors are inundated and I’m impatient; or if I shouldn’t have sent anything yet, but there’s been no reply.

    I’m not technical, so I haven’t worked out how to share the photos of what I’ve made on here as they don’t have a url in my photo library. Are other people on the Bardic Course having the same problem? I know this is a distance learning course and it relies on independent study, but it would be nice to hear from people excited by the same things.