Reply To: Llyn Cerrig Bach and Mabinogion Sites

Melanie Willows

    Thank you very much. I will try to find that book. My reading pile is over my knees at the moment where there is so much to learn. I haven’t been so academically engaged and excited in years! My daughter and I (she is fluent in Welsh) tried looking at photographs of the original Mabinogi books and found that it was very different from modern Welsh. Historically I’m sure there are mustard seeds of truth in the tales. The Lake of the Maidens made me wonder if the white quartz stone (moon link?) and the recumbent female shape of the surrounding hills was significant. Bala has had a big earthquake within the last 200 years, if such an event had occurred with a high status crannog, could it have been overwhelmed with water and lost like in the tale? Being able to experience the actual locations adds a whole new dimension to the tales. I can easily imagine the evicted people of Pembrokeshire identifying with being told the tale of the deserted Dyfed in Mabinogi 3 and having to seek a craft in English towns to support themselves. Thank you very much for the book recommendation Dowgri.