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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awen too All:

    Friday Night, I made a Big Batch of Cabbage Rolls with Beef Sausages baked in it.

    This is to show off how I am a Good Cook having been a Military Army Cook and am good at making Main Courses such as Cabbage Rolls.

    For the Cabbage Roll Filling, I made this.
    1pd Beef Hamburger,
    Onion Diced,
    Celery Diced,
    Green Onion Diced,
    Black Pepper,
    Ground Cumin,
    Ground Ginger,
    Worcestershire Sauce,
    Can of Baked Brown Beans,
    Can of Mushroom Pieces & Stems,
    1 Liter of Dry Curd Cottage Cheese,
    1 1/2 Cups of Rice which is Steamed(prepped the night before).

    Cook the Beef Hamburger with Spices until Beef is Browned. Let Cool for a time and then mix in the Beans, Mushrooms and Cottage Cheese. Once that is mixed in, allow to Cool about 10 more minutes and then mix in the Chilled Steamed Rice that was Prepped the Night before.

    Steam Boil Cabbage and then Roll Leaves with Filling and put that in the Dutch Oven Pots and Bake at 350* for 20 minutes then Broil until it is Golden Brown on top.

    Friday Night, I ate 3 and for Saturday Morning’s Breakfast, having a Cabbage Roll going along with some Scrambled Eggs.