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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Based on a Thread on things that need to be kept Sorted, I came up with so many things that need to be kept Sorted that I decided to make it a Subject for a 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem.

    So this is my 3X3 Lughnasad Poem on what needs to be kept Sorted.

    It Goes:

    The Three Important Things To Keep Sorted:
    – Work,
    – Home,
    – And Play.

    During Lughnasad We Have To Sort Out:
    – The Harvests Of Green Peas,
    – Berries,
    – And Green Onions.

    People We Need To Keep Sorted:
    – Friends,
    – Family,
    – And Foes.


    Occupational Things To Keep Sorted:
    – Personal Protective Equipment,
    – The Proper Tools,
    – And Worksite Orientations.

    Everything That A Home Needs Sorted:
    – Shelter,
    – Food,
    – And Clothing.

    When Playing We Need To Sort:
    – Where To Go,
    – Taking Time Off From Work,
    – And Having Enough Funds For The Vacation.


    The Problems Of Life That Always Needs Sorting:
    – Having Accidents,
    – Keeping Things From Being Stolen,
    – And Mending Broken Things.

    Meals That Is Necessary To Keep Sorted:
    – Breakfast,
    – Lunch,
    – And Dinner.

    What We Can Not Sort:
    – Those With Greedy Sociopathic Attitudes,
    – Preventing Aging,
    – And Keeping From Being Taxed.