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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    I dedicated this Beltane Celebrations to Visiting an Old High School Buddy and an Eldery Aunt. But Buddy lives in Campbell River and on April 30th, I got on the Very First Ferry over and got to Comox at about 9:30 in time to go get Pictures of Ancient Net Posts that the Aboriginal Natives used to hang Fish Nets of off to catch Fish that got caught up in the Nets everytime the Tide would go out.

    Then I went to the Site of the Komoks Native Band Ancient Village Site which has been given back to the Natives in recent years and they have rebuilt their Longhouse and Village although with Modern Building Methods. I got Pictures of that Site.

    Then I headed off to Campbell River and had my BarBQ Party and Camping at a place called Elk Bay just North of Campbell River. On the evening of May 1st, we had our Beltane Bonfire. Then the next morning, we headed back to Cannibal’s Place in Campbell River and had another great BarBQ.

    After spending a couple of days hanging out with Old High School Buddy Cannibal, I went back to Nanaimo to visit my Elderly Aunt and my Mother’s First Cousin. Had a Great Mini Family Reunion with them and then visited the Petroglyph Provincial Park to get some Pictures of Ancient Native Petroglyph Stone Carvings. I also toured around the Waterfront and visited Nanaimo’s Famed Bastion.

    I then returned from Nanaimo last Thursday and no sooner as I was off the Ferry, got caught up in a Horrendous Traffic Jam! Ugh!

    Anyways, had a Great Beltane Adventure on our Vancouver Island.