Reply To: Ovate Course and Druid Course


    Hi folks,
    Dowgri and True Owl, thank you so much for your kind comments, which are much appreciated.
    Eli de Troubador, yes, like all websites, we do experience technical issues from time to time. Things may look neat and tidy on the surface, but behind the scenes of any website is a whole heap of complicated coding. At present, we have only one tech, Adam, keeping everything up and running whilst doing the same for a number of other clients. Our second tech person, Andrew, has been out of action due to illness for some months and in the current climate it’s not been easy to find a replacement, though Adam is working on that too. Meanwhile, you can raise any problems here or by emailing Adam at Please bear in mind though that Adam, like everyone at the BDO, does this for love not money so has other work that keeps bread on the table which may mean he can’t always make an instant reply or an immediate fix. We do, however, always get there in the end!
    Karin Rainbird: Congratulations on reaching your cell of song. Great that you’re revisiting earlier booklets. They’re very much designed with that in mind, as a resource that can be revisited. Indeed there are things in the bardic course that are referred back to in the ovate and Druid courses. While putting them together, there are always choices to be made as to how much and what to put in. My theory has always been that, however much or little material is in any learning materials, only a portion of it will be recalled down the line. So the more that goes into a course, the more will be remembered. My tendency is, therefore, to include as much as I can fit in. Here’s a closely guarded BDO secret: My self-imposed word and page limit is based on whether I can still get a staple through the paper when I print them out as booklets. 56 pages means 14 sheets, which my stapler can handle quite well. Any more than that and it takes two or three attempts to get a staple through!
    That said, I sometimes still find myself wanting to include more information. After this next upload though, if there’s any more to add to the bardic course, I think it’ll have to be in supplementary booklets!
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\