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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Recently, there was a Contest on the Radio for what is Humanity’s Most Favorite Sport and it turned out to be Fishing and since Fishing is one of Humanity’s Most Ancient Trades, I decided to write my 2023 Imbolc on Fishing.

    It Goes:

    Fishing Is:
    – An Occupation,
    – Done For Survival,
    – And For Recreation.

    Fishing Can Be Done:
    – In A Boat,
    – On A Warf,
    – Or From The Shoreline.

    Fishing Can Be Done With:
    – Spears,
    – Nets,
    – And Weirs.


    Best Fishing Baits:
    – Worms,
    – Corn,
    – And Fish Gut.

    Things Needed For Survival:
    – Fire,
    – Blades,
    – And Shelter.

    While Recreational Fishing:
    – You Get Rest,
    – Relaxation,
    – And Recuperation.


    Types Of Fishing Boats:
    – Row Boats,
    – Canoes,
    – And Power Pleasure Crafts.

    Fishermen Compete For:
    – Most Fish Caught,
    – Largest Fish Weighed In,
    – And Fanciest Equipment.

    Fish Habitat Must Be:
    – Protected,
    – Purified,
    – And Preserved.