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    I’m looking for support

    I’ve been asked by a friend with a significant illness to conduct a habdfasting with his pregnant partner.

    This will happen at stone henge on the 21st March after the sunrise at the spring equinox.

    I’m a total novice. I have researched and prepared a respectful ceremony which I would appreciate help with.

    We will conduct the habdfasting and cast a circle. We will follow the bdo sacraments.

    This is a service of love and peace.

    I’m not experienced I’m conducting the service as an honour to my friend. We will be authentic in our beliefs but I do not want to offend anyone.

    We would appreciate a blessing from the order. And we are keen tgat this joyous celebration dies not cause offence. We will conduct the ceremony in a circle cast away from the mellee as we don’t feel we can interrupt the equinox celebrations of others.

    Advice is welcome but as a novice celebrant I ask the blessing of the bdo.

    Blessed be