Reply To: The New BDO Bardic Course


    Hi folks,
    Thank you again for all your kind comments. I’m still working on the bardic course upgrade. I’d hoped to have it finished by now but various things intervened. One was a lengthy discussion with Ronald Hutton about whether or not we can regard characters featured in the Mabinogi as medieval recollections of pre-Christian deities. In short, I think the evidence is strong enough, Ronald doesn’t. Ronald also pointed out a few factual errors and suggested some minor changes to improve the overall read. In the course of making these changes, I’ve reworked some pieces to clarify points and picked up and corrected a few more typos. I also had to take quite a lot of time out to update my Druidry: A Practical & Inspirational Guide and prepare it for publication.
    The latest bardic course revision has now reached booklet 17. Every booklet has had some revisions, most just minor, a few more substantial. My current plan is to finish updating all 24 booklets then put the whole revised course online (perhaps in May?). New students should rest assured. Whenever new versions of course booklets go online, you will be sent links to download them.
    Many blessings and a slightly belated happy new year,
    Greywolf /|\