Reply To: Further work on understanding the process of death


    My personal opinion is one of the better people to look for more information around the subject of death and dying from a Druidry perspective is Kristoffer Hughes.

    I’ve heard him speak on the subject a couple of times because of his professional background. Have a look into his book “As the Last Leaf Falls: A Pagan’s Perspective on Death, Dying & Bereavement” and see if that explores the perspective of death you’re seeking.

    Another angle to take might be too look up “death doula” training.

    But… personally I see this work as relating more to the Druid. Of course each thread of Druidry is connected to the other, but I see the Ovate as more to do with bringing insight and healing, facilitating the living. The Druid bridges the awen between realms in a way that both the Bard and Ovate do not, and for me that is where working within the realities of death and dying resides.

    So I put the thought forward that maybe this is something you need to take with you when you’re ready to undergo the “final excersize” of the Ovate work.