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Paul Beer

    I will be visiting my local paleolithic burial chamber, at sunset on the winter solstice the setting sun sends a shaft of light into the chamber. A couple of us should be there to light a candle and do some gentle rattling and drumming and just take it from there.

    We will return early the next morning before sunrise to drum up the sun, and then go for a big cooked breakfast at the cafe a couple of miles away down the road.

    This gets followed by Sol Invictus which is on the 25th this year, this usually involves me going out locally with a drum to Hail the Unconquered Sun.

    Within the first 2 weeks of the new year I hold a wassail for the fruit trees on my allotment, sharing blessings and wishes of good health.

    It’s a busy time… A couple of weeks later and it’s imbolc, after which things can slow down for a bit