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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    We are now well into December and it is about time to Plan on what we are going to do to Celebrate Winter Solstice.

    There is a Restaurant called Martini’s in Vancouver where I had a nice Date with a Ladyfriend for 2019’s Winter Solstice .

    The thing is, it was recently announced that the Martini Family is Retiring and they are not carrying on with their Restaurant Business so are Closing Down their Restaurant. I guess they do not have anyone willing to carry on keeping their Restaurant going.

    In recent times, having to Work Late a lot especially in December, I do not think I will stay up late to Celebrate the Solstice but will turn in early instead of going out.

    So after Work, I think I will just get a Takeaway from Martini’s. I think I will get one of their Famous Pizzas as I did not try it in 2019 then go to Bed early.

    I am getting their Pizza in one of their Monogrammed Boxes to have as a Collector’s Item to have as a Keepsake of the Martini’s Restaurant.