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Tamara Jago

    Thank you, Dave, and to you!

    No websites, I’m afraid. I started out in the early 90s with Marian Green’s book ‘A Witch Alone’, which I followed pretty much to the letter for the duration of the course, passing a little tentative correspondence with Marian in the process. In the late 90s I joined a closed magical group of Marian’s lineage in East Anglia, where I was living at the time, and did a full year and a day of magical training with them; course work both theoretical and practical being delivered at the festivals and cross-quarters. Formal initiation followed at the end of the statutory period. None of the (few) groups I’ve been involved with have had websites, but if you’re in the market for Nat Mag books written by folks I’ve worked with especially closely, then anything by Val Thomas fits the bill exactly, and Nigel Pennick’s ‘East Anglian Magic’ provides some background (Nigel’s really a Northern Tradions Man, though). Nigel Pearson’s ‘Walking the Tides’ is also a good magic-in-East-Anglia reference. I hope this is helpful 🙂

    Do you have any thoughts regarding my potentially studying Bardic grade Druidry with the BDO?