Reply To: The New BDO Bardic Course

Danni Smith

    I have just signed up for the bardic course and I can see alot of work must go into this and the following courses so I appreciate all the work put in to it by many people who were involved. I’ve wanted to take on this series of courses for about a year or so but couldn’t afford it before.. im excited that i am able to start now as my studies have been here and there with one book or another but I felt I was missing the framework and basic foundation the course would offer. So the first day I am on this new journey is exciting and I can’t wait to begin. I’ve downloaded and had a quick look at the material from the first bundle and it looks awesome and im excited about all I will be able to learn and knowing finally I will not be alone in my druid journey, something I have experienced this past year. I love there is a forum where can connect to others on the same journey and can have that guidance of others further along the path through the learning materials, ancient stories of the past and even support from tutors. Let the journey begin in this new chapter. Thanks to all involved in the development and updating of this course, your hard work n dedication is appreciated.