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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    This is my 2022 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom and it is on the Slings & Arrows of Growing Old.

    I have been feeling these Slings & Arrows for the past couple of years and have decided to write a 3X3 Triad on that sort of thing since I am now experiencing the effects of what it is like to Grow Old during this Lifetime.

    So Here It Goes:

    Signs Of Growing Old:
    – Hair Going Grey,
    – Skin Becoming Wrinkled,
    – And Voice Becoming Elderly.

    When Getting Older:
    – You Pine About Your Failures,
    – Remember Your Victories,
    – And Mourn Your Tragedies.

    Elderly People Have Experience In:
    – Skilled Trades,
    – Post Traumatic Stress,
    – And The Way Things Used To Be.


    Grey Hair Is A Sign Of:
    – Knowledge,
    – Aging,
    – And Becoming A Senior.

    Wrinkled Skin Happens To:
    – White Caucasians,
    – Black Africans,
    – And Yellow Orientals.

    The Voice Communicates:
    – Happiness,
    – Sadness,
    – And Anger.


    Things Used To Be:
    – Less Computerized,
    – Regulated,
    – And Administrated.

    Post Traumatic Stress Is Caused By:
    – Constantly Being Scammed,
    – Ripped Off,
    – And Verbally Abuse.

    Best Things To Have Knowledge In:
    – Fire Making,
    – Shelter Making,
    – And Finding Food.