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    Hi Richard (and others of course),

    I came across this, I thought it may be of interest.

    Temair II
    Lines 49 – 60 (p.11) – see reference below.

    Erlam Camsóin, ní clethe,
    Etherún, ba herchrede
    is slúag na nglas-derc nglethe
    úad fri tassec trén-Tephe.

    Ec trúag Tephe tánic túaid,
    nír gním clethe fri hóen-úair,
    Camsón ro léic luing cen lúaig
    lé dar tuind sáili sóeb-úair.

    Roscart bár Bretan ó’n brúch,
    ar ba hetal Etherún,
    co marblaig fria mess ‘sin múr
    tess forstarblaig Tephi-rún.

    The tutelar of Camson, not hidden,
    Etherún (he was transitory),
    and the host of the clear grey eyes
    were sent by him as a pledge for the restitution of mighty Tephi.

    The sad death of Tephi who came to the north,
    was a deed not concealed for a moment;
    Camson launched a vessel without payment
    with her over the surface of the cold and treacherous sea.

    The chief of Britain sent them from the shore,
    (for Etherún was pure;)
    with the lifeless body to do it honour in the rampart
    in the south, on which settled the name Tephirun.

    The Metrical Dindsenchas, Part I. Text, Translation, And Commentary
    By Edward Gwynn, M.A. Royal Irish Academy (1903)