Reply To: Were myths ‘shamanic’ journeys … ?


    Hi True Owl, Kowan Wir, :-) …

    Indeed, I have even read a few theories that some might consider a bit ‘out there’, but they do draw parallels between the stories of Jesus and shamanic traditions, there’s also the Gospel of Thomas, which includes some material that seems rather shamanic, too.

    According to legend, Jesus visited Penzance (Pennsans – Holy Head(land), Falmouth (Aberfal), and St Just in Roseland (Lannsiek), the latter being the first place he supposedly set foot. There’s a church at St Anthony in Roseland, nearby, which has the Agnus Dei, the lamb and cross, facing eastwards, to the right that is, which is interesting because it indicates Jesus’s youth and the time of year, just before December. The inscriptions, I believe, may be at least a thousand years old. Whatever the case, Roseland is a beautiful area with a beautiful name (even though it doesn’t derive from roses).

    Moving on, in the Odyssey, Odysseus/Ulysses has to journey to the underworld, likewise Aeneas in the Aeneid. Then there’s the myth of Orpheus, too. I think all of these could be ‘tapping’ into far older traditions. Who knows?

    Although you’ve got to be careful with interpretation sometimes.

    If only more people took that approach … Yes, I agree. ;-)