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    Morning Angela,

    Tapping into the tradition of the Scots and Irish Sean-nós singing, there are the traditional (Scots) Gaelic psalms as they are still sung in congregations around Gàidhealtachd and certain highland and island areas of Scotland. You might find this interesting to check out. Just look up ‘traditional Gaelic psalm singing Scotland’, and you’ll find plenty of material online.

    I think the Scottish Celtic spirituality originated in Ireland anyway, the fore bears so to speak.

    Indeed, the Gaelic language, and thus much Gaelic culture, traces its origins to Ireland, but don’t forget that large swathes of Scotland were populated by the Picts and the Britons, and later by Norsemen and Anglo-Saxons. This is still remembered in the various histories of Scottish clans to this day. The Brittonic kingdoms of Yr Hen Ogledd (The Old North) included parts of what is now southern Scotland. Norn, a language descended from Old Norse, was spoken in the Orkneys and Shetlands until the mid-19th century.