Reply To: Celtic gods


Thanks Dowgri for your incredibly full and generous response.

A lot of what you say resonates with me, particularly the stuff on animism. This is the way that I am starting to understand druidry too. That said, I am interested also in the discipline of daily Golden Dawn style ceremonial magic. I was attracted to Greer’s adaptation of the Golden Dawn because it rejected the Judeo-Christian imagery of those rituals. However, I can’t identify a lot of the symbolism which he is using instead. At times, the Welsh invocations also seem to be untranslatable.
Anyway, I am trying to develop my own version of the Lesser Banishing / Summoning Ritual of the Pentagram which I can practice daily alongside my druidic meditation and bardic research. I think I will abandon Greer’s divine names, and replace them with my own. These are really just personifications which help me focus on the specificic energies of the elements, in the way you describe Taranis.

In fact, I have decided to invoke Taranis at the start of this ritual, at the Eastern quadrant, symbolising Air. Then, Brigit – Goddess of fire in the South; Manannan, representing Water in the West, and Elen, representing Earth, in the North. These are arbitrary, in a sense, but also chosen because they have at least a spurious connection to druidry. Mainly, these help me think through the life energy of the natural world which hopefully I can channel at some point. Suggestions or corrections about my chosen deities are welcome though!

The fact that you mentioned Taranis is pure synchronicity!