Reply To: Just saying hello …


    Hi Amanda,

    Glad you’re doing well and enjoying the Ovate materials. As I’ve said before, it’s a very different kettle of fish from the Bardic materials in many senses. I love the natural remedies, I’ve always been interested in botany anyway, and I do know some old things too. I think it was my grandmother who first introduced to be to herbalism when she told me to rub a dock leaf on a nettle sting – I must have been about five at the time! Nevertheless, I’ve been interested in it ever since. In our house, camomile, witch hazel, and plenty of herbs and spices always abounded anyway. I think that this is one of the most interesting ways modern druidry can link to the ancient. I’ve read that traces of mugwort/artemisia have been found in archaeological remains that may be linked to ancient druids, so I’ve been investigating that recently, too.

    Anyway, once again, glad it’s going well for you.