Reply To: Just saying hello …

True Owl

    Hi Amanda,

    Good to hear from you.

    I have only read the first booklet of the Ovate course so far, and have been digesting that before moving on – there was certainly a lot of information contained in it.

    I have just got back from a holiday with my wife near Bude in Cornwall, and so used this time to reflect on the things I’ve learnt so far. We got around many places in both Devon & Cornwall, and it was a time of re-charging the batteries for me. It was our first holiday for four years, as we looked after my mother (who had mobility issues), until she died recently of a stroke at 89 years of age. She was a lovely Mum to me though, always supportive & positive, and so I cherished the time we had left with her.

    Your message saying : “I have been progressing my knowledge of natural remedies in the garden”, reminded me that my Mother was very spiritual, and knew a vast amount about plants and herbs for healing, and in her younger days, used to go around to folk who were sick and help them to recovery. According to local neighbours, she apparently was so good, that people preferred to go to her, rather than see the local doctor – we are going back to the 1940’s/ 50’s though.

    – So, keep up with your knowledge of natural remedies, you never know when it may come in useful !

    We live in Somerset, so I’m afraid I cannot help you in finding a local grove in the South of Wales. I do love visiting Wales and its beautiful scenery.
    Maybe as you say, create your own grove group – ‘from small acorns, grow mighty oaks !’

    Many blessings on your path,

    (True Owl).