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    You’re welcome Angela. Many blessings to you, too.

    Digressing a little, but also connected a little to this, I’ve found through my years of research that one has to exercise a lot of caution with anything claimed to be ‘Celtic’. Albeit perhaps with the best of intentions, but Victorian romanticism, along with many other 19th century notions, has a lot to answer for in many ways! A legacy of a lot of spurious nonsense being written about the Celts, something which continues to this day, means that a seeker has to pan a lot of silt to find the nuggets – or perhaps there’s a lesson in that, too?

    The idea of a Celtic church that was separate from the Roman church is to a great extent the product of political, religious, and historiographical ideas emerging from the Tudor period and continuing to the Celtic Revival in the 19th century – it is in many ways an historical fiction. In fact, the ‘Celtic church’ – during that great flowering of Celtic culture in the so-called Dark Ages – was in many ways far more austere, stricter, and severe. Nevertheless, I think an argument can be made for a Celtic outlook on the ‘new’ faith that arrived on these shores, a Celtic interpretation and, let’s not be too harsh on our ancestors either, they were thinking, intelligent, contemplative people, too, so their reception and expression of Christianity would naturally have been conditioned by their own culture – as history shows, a relatively ‘smooth’ transition in comparison to other places. Regardless of theology or whatever one chooses to believe, or disbelieve, the realities of birth, life, death, love, hate, harvest and famine, law and order, our relationship with nature and natural phenomena, are pretty universal – being at one with existence and finding peace therein is surely the ultimate goal.