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    This thread has evolved a lot since talking about the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle …

    Bindings and loosing, invocations and spells. Celtic prayers. The power of the written and spoken word. | Bindings and loosings, that may not be correct, terms in witchcraft so I believe. spiritual exercises to cut spiritual cords and all that stuff, gold eggs to protect and shield auras, channelling white light from above and violet flame from below and all that. So much to do and remember does any of it work? Cleansing spaces. Or is a simple prayer and intention enough?

    Well, the idea of binding and loosening is by no means restricted to one particular faith group or belief system. The Irish words ‘Atomruig indíu …‘ (I bind myself today… ) begin the first five stanzas, and the tenth, of the Lorica Sancti Patricii (St Patrick’s Breastplate), linked to the idea of féth fíada, the mystical veil or mist – a power that ‘passed’ to the Christian saints.

    I don’t believe in the Celtic Christ of the British Isles.

    I don’t know anyone else who does either, I don’t think that there’s anything in any Christian group that claims a ‘Celtic Christ’. A Christ through Celtic eyes may be another matter. That a certain amount of syncretism and influences from local pre-Christian populations filtered into what became ‘mainstream’ Christianity is, I believe, generally accepted – and the Catholic Church itself, especially in the early period, underwent these influences, not to mention the assimilation of pre-Christian ideas that were held worthy, notably the ideas of Aristotle and Plato – Justin Martyr: ‘Whatever things were rightly said among all men, are the property of us Christians.‘ (Second Apology; Chapter XIII). For as long as Christianity has existed there have been mystics, mystery schools so to speak, and those who have meditated upon profound ideas of our existence and meaning in the world.

    I am rooted in the Bible and the tribes of Israel from which we are all most likely descended in the British Isles anyway, we are a mix.

    I’m not sure about that. Notions of British-Israelism, related to Imperial era Anglo-Saxon exceptionalism, were around in the 19th and early 20th centuries, however, they generally tend to be seen as pseudohistorical and their core tenets have long been refuted. If you want to take an Abrahamic approach, we’re all descended from Adam and Eve at the end of the day. Furthermore, a lot of modern Christian theology isn’t that easily found in scripture alone, which I believe was one of the contentious issues during the Reformation.

    Orders on their own don’t survive as a rule and you are a vital link.

    St Francis of Assisi began preaching without a licence or ‘official’ approval …