Reply To: Just saying hello …

True Owl

    Hi Dowrgi,

    Thanks for your message and consideration.

    I’ve just finished Ovate Booklet 1, as it was quite technical & scientific in parts (ie. with the Dark matter, energy & flow sections), so I’ve had to read it over slowly, to get a grip on the subject matter.
    But, I do love this cosmology stuff and find it very interesting.

    Pythagoras was certainly a character with the use of his mathematical music – All I knew about him was his theorem from Maths lessons at school. LOL. So, I gained a lot more about him as a person & practitioner.

    I liked the various sections on creation as well, as there is very little around on this subject in the Celtic mythologies.

    The ceremony rituals that are written out (ie. for Midwinter) would be quite useful for Grove groups, with different people getting involved. As I tend to be a solitary druid, I do my own rituals more off the cuff, that offers a connection & a friendship of respect to the gods/goddesses & ancestors through the act of making offerings to them, followed by prayer & petition (ie healing & protection), listening to music, (or performing music using my guitar to them myself), or sometimes reading a poem, followed by a time of meditation, and finally giving thanks. I tend to not make rituals complex or highly structured, and keep them simple and from the heart. I particularly want to show my love for the ancestors and to be thankful to them for all they have done for me.
    I think the written ceremony formats are still useful though, and can give me ideas for my own rituals.

    I think I will enjoy this course very much, as it opens up more possibilities to me.

    I trust that you are making good progress yourself on the Druid Grade course.


    (True Owl).