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    My latest eccentricity is trying to make a 12th century style Welsh bardic harp out of a block of oak from an old tree that fell a few years ago. This despite my dubious woodworking skills. In woodwork at school the only thing I remember making successfully was a garden dibber!
    Meanwhile, I have my trusty Stoney End harp that I bought from the makers in the USA and had shipped over because it worked out about £150 cheaper than buying it here in the UK. It plays beautifully and holds its tuning very well. Not being a brilliant musician, one of the things I love about harps is that it’s really hard to make them sound anything other than lovely, even when you’re striking notes more or less randomly!
    Have you heard the thing about holding a harp up to the wind and listening for its secret name in the sound of the wind through the strings?
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\