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Angela Lawton

    Yeah I kept getting Bobcat/ Emma pushed in my face by a group of a small banded modern druids in about 2012, they said I was welcome to use all of her material in a meeting in a workings mans club in the midlands. I declined, I had read one of Emmas books prior to the meeting and found it unfathomable . We once went to Avebury to a visit when my children were very young and happened to chance on a Druid meeting, we didn’t go to see them. It was a fluke that they were there there we went to visit the stones. My children wanted a wee after a long journey and we started to walk across the car park to the WCs and Emma was sitting on a wall and she shouted across ” Carry on if you don’t want to listen to me.” and I thought what an arrogant bitch, we haven’t come to see you or hear you. So I am not enamoured.