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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    We are still in the Time of Beltane so I have decided to post a past Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem for you all to Enjoy:

    Awens to All:

    Here is my 2017 Beltane 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom and is based on the Book that I borrowed from the BVS Buddhist Temple in 2015 called ‘Treasures Of The Buddhas’s Teachings’ by the Veneral Monk Ajahn Thiradhammo.

    I have seen Ajahn Thiradhammo do a Dharma Talk and Speech a couple of times at the BCIT Lecture Halls and he seemed to me to be Very Wise, Harmonious and Peaceful. So I decided to Read his Book and compose a 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom Poem based on Triads of Wisdom I found in his Book.

    I call it ‘The Treasures Of The Buddha’s Teachings’ 3X3 Triad Poem and goes:

    Good Life Is Full Of:
    – Good Friendships,
    – Companionship,
    – And Association.

    Spiritual Practice Combines:
    – Skillful Living,
    – Meditation,
    – And Wisdom.

    Awakening Is Learning To Relinquish:
    – Cravings,
    – Clinging,
    – And Self Willed Actions.


    Truth Of Things Is Summarized By:
    – Impermanence,
    – Unsatisfactoriness,
    – And Impersonality.

    Kamma Intentional Action Is Produced By:
    – Body,
    – Speech,
    – And Mind.

    Delusions Burns Us With:
    – Confusion,
    – Doubt,
    – And Fear.


    The Nobel Truths Liberates Us From:
    – Aging,
    – Death,
    – And Painful Sufferings.

    Teaching The Dhamma Is Beautiful:
    – In The Beginning,
    – In The Middle,
    – And In The End.

    The Unawakened Is Overwhelmed By:
    – The Desire For Gain,
    – Honour,
    – And Renown.