Reply To: Memory issues


    Hi Soraya,

    Welcome to the course. I’m not qualified to give any advice on the cognitive difficulties connected fibromyalgia. However, you do mention that in your own case, writing lists can help – would keeping the journal, as per the Bardic Course, be similar to keeping a list? One thing I would say is that you shouldn’t feel under any kind of pressure or stress about this. One of the beautiful things about the BDO courses is that everyone can work through them at an individual pace. From what little I know about ‘fibro fog’, being stressed and under pressure can actually worsen things, so it would be better to avoid a ‘vicious circle’ so to speak. The BDO courses include a lot of work on meditation techniques, which obviously include relaxation techniques, too – perhaps they might help?

    In my own case, I tend to remember things better if I can visualise them, dispensing with ‘words’, as it were. There are also a couple of other threads in this forum in which people have been discussing memory and memorisation, so those may be of some use to you as well.

    Sorry if I can’t be of greater assistance.