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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    For my 2022 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom, I have decided to write it on the subject of where the Druids get their Magic from.

    It goes:

    The Druids Get Their Magic From:
    – The Mythical Stories of the Bard,
    – Divinatory Powers Of The Ovate,
    – And The Healing Powers Of Herbs.

    Druids Love Magic Comes From:
    – Trees,
    – Meadows,
    – And The Countryside.

    Druidistic Magic Creates:
    – Justice,
    – Security,
    – And Fertility.


    Mythical Stories:
    – Teach Lessons Of Life,
    – Provide Entertainment,
    – And Preserve Cultures.

    Divinatory Tools Used By The Ovates:
    – Cards,
    – Runes,
    – And Crystals.

    Herbs Help To Heal:
    – Injuries,
    – Illnesses,
    – And Emotional Stresses.


    Entertainment Can Come:
    – In Music,
    – Acting,
    – And Comedy.

    Fertility Is A Mixture Of:
    – The Earth,
    – Water,
    – And The Sun’s Energies.

    Best Lessons Of Life:
    – Come From Mistakes,
    – Successes,
    – And The Teachings Of The Elders.