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Dave the Druid

    Thanks Angela and Dowrgi,

    This is a hard time.
    Angela, your thoughts on being spiritual beings in a corporate shell are interesting. I am not there yet. My spiritual path hasn’t reached that line of experience yet.
    Dowrgi, thanks for trotting out the textbooks. Those are the two systems I know that call for rebirth. The Celtic and the other one. I don’t bring out the Vedas in polite company. As I have said, I know where I am going when I leave this world. (These 2 systems don’t seem to apply to me) I have counseled people experienced the loss of a loved one. We know what to say but not how to ease the pain of loss. The universe has a lot to answer for in my opinion.
    Dowrgi, I appreciate your taking time to consider the question. I am a strong emotional person. I have good control over my feelings and expressions. This time I was blindsided. Knowing where I am going doesn’t let me know where others are going. It would be nice to be sure I will see him on the next trail but I just don’t know.
    I have found that my burden has been eased by talking and making other people feel better. The spreading of the Awen if you will.
    There is some cool stuff that has happened along my spiritual path with this one that I will share at some other time.

    Peace and Harmony
    Dave the Druid