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    Hi Dave,

    I’ve been reflecting on your post for a few days now. As Angela rightly points out out, everyone deals with grief in their own way. I’d add that it also depends on your belief system, too. There are no easy answers indeed.

    Our ancient Celtic forebears believed in a continual cycle of birth, death, and rebirth – perhaps somewhat akin to beliefs in Dharmic paths. According to some, births were actually mourned as this meant that the spirt had passed away in the Otherworld – The Vale of Apples or the Land of the Young – to be (re)incarnated in this world!

    When it comes to our reactions today, then I suppose the only thing I may say is that it’s all right to grieve and feel sad. Perhaps we “moderns” are too quick to try to make everything better again, euphemisms and platitudes that we think may somehow stop the hurting. I think that grief, however, does have its time and place and if one recognises it for what it is, as something that is valid and perhaps even useful, then that may help in the long run.

    Naturally, some things cannot always be dealt with “alone”, nor should they be, in that case it’s always fine to talk to people, or even a professional. I think we need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with that and that bottling things up can be counterproductive.

    I hope some of my view have been helpful.