Reply To: Ovate Course and Druid Course

True Owl

    Hi Dowrgi,

    Re: “How you getting on with your course?” _Dowrgi

    I started these BDO courses as a refresher after completing the three Bardic/Ovate/Druid grades with the New Order of Druids (NOD) about ten years ago, but I have come across so many new and different aspects on the BDO course, that I am learning stuff anew and that is great.

    The BDO is more into the Welsh tales, rather than the Irish myths (like the NOD courses are). I have ancestors from both the Irish & Welsh sides, so its good to get a take on the Welsh side of things as well.

    The course materials are excellent. Greywolf has done a terrific job in writing them – You are made to really feel as if you are being taken on a spiritual journey with a one-to-one personal mentor.

    I am making good progress – keeping up with my daily journal writing and always making time for reading and note taking everyday of the course materials. I think that is important, to set aside time each day, so as to get in a regular rhythm – I find that works for me.

    Now the nicer weather is here, I have also been able to visit my local woods, where I sit with my favourite tree, meditate and just enjoy being in nature.

    I am gaining much & enjoying the courses, and so after I have completed this course, I will definitely be moving onto the Ovate course – Seership & healing are right up my street, so I look forward to that course in the near future.


    (True Owl).