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    Frogs in a pond say you have good enough ecology for frogs. A good portentous sign for a wider healthier environment.

    It’s not really an omen, “sign from beyond”, or message, though, is it? It’s just part of a natural process so to speak. I suppose it depends on how you look at the very nature of nature itself, but I think key in all of this is the element of unexpectedness or being unusual.

    According to Cassius Dio, bees swarmed around the standards of Pompey the Great’s army before the battle of Pharsalus, this was viewed as a very bad omen by the Roman soldiers on Pompey’s side and, indeed, the battle was a crushing defeat for them. I’d say that bees swarming unexpectedly around something unusual, such as a military standard, could be viewed – and certainly would have been by the ancients – as an omen of sorts – if you believe in omens, that is.