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Dave the Druid

    Thanks Dowrgi,

    That is as solid definition as can be hoped for.
    Care to take a whack at events that can be considered portentous for omens?
    Try this (old superstition), dropping a spoon portended that a visitor would be coming. I don’t know the value of the visitor, positive or negative. Omen? Not sure. Is it a sufficient enough event to be connected to a result?
    I was considering the idea of internal(self) and external (outside the self) sources for omens. I don’t recall any internal sources. External sources must be the source. What can they be? Enquiring minds want to know. I want to know what to look for.
    I saw a small falcon fly north this morning. A better sign in of spring than a robin.

    Peace and Harmony,
    Dave the Druid