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    Brigid is very interesting.

    Brigid the pre-Christian deity, daughter of the Dagda, was, according to Cormac, one of three sisters – all called Brigid. The name itself means “high one” or “exalted one”, and this suggests that Brigid may have been more of an epithet or title than an actual name. There may or may not be a link to the ancient British deity Brigantia – the protectress of the Brigantes. Interestingly enough, there was also a tribe called the Brigantes in Leinster, so there may be some connection between Brigid and Brigantia – in a sense.

    When it comes to Saint Brigid of Kildare, it’s certainly quite difficult to separate the pre-Christian from the Christian in her hagiography. The fact that there were a total of ten different Brigids and twelve Brigs, amongst others, known during the Mediaeval period at least points to the popularity of the name (see Ronald Hutton: The Pagan Religions of the British Isles, p.153). There are a number of different theories with regard to the Irish saint, the one I feel is most plausible is that an Irish abbess by the name of Brigid – a popular name anyway – came to be venerated and have the old attributes of the pre-Christian deity or deities ascribed to her.