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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Here is my 2009 Imbolc Triad of Wisdom Composition. It is based on my having Bought and Read the Book “The Art Of Living” last Winter Solstice, which is based on the Lectures and Teachings of the Dalai Lama.

    It goes:

    The Art of Living –

    The Art of Living Well is due to:
    – Being Contented,
    – Having A Joyful Life,
    – And Good Fulfillment.

    Motivations For Being Compassionate:
    – Having Appreciation For Nature,
    – Being Sympathetic Of Suffering,
    – And Practicing Essential Wisdoms.

    Negative Harmful Emotions:
    – Anger,
    – Hatred,
    – And Unhealthy Desires.


    Contentedness comes from:
    – Good Bodily Health,
    – Adequate Material Wealth,
    – And Peaceful Companionships.

    One Has Joy When:
    – One Is Enlightened,
    – Healthy Desires Are Satisfied,
    – And When Happiness Is Achieved.

    What Is Fulfilling:
    – Having Overcome Hardships,
    – Finishing Ones Work,
    – And Acceptance Of Ones Faults.


    At Time Of Death, One Must:
    – Have Good Peace Of Mind,
    – Prepare For Ones Rebirth,
    – And Having Transformed Experiences Into Wisdom.

    Environmental Problems Come From:
    – Insatiable Harmful Desires,
    – Lacking Contentedness,
    – And Having Too Much Greed.

    Emotional Thoughts Should Be:
    – Useful,
    – Constructive,
    – And Beneficial.