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Angela Lawton

    Thanks David I’ll have to look out for that play although I don’t know where you would start. To deviate slightly from the topic I find that my dreams are the most powerful omens and sources of information. For instance two nights ago I dreamt that a German Sheperd I used to look after, he wasn’t mine but he was a beautiful dog and I trusted him. In the dream the German Sheperd suddenly turned on me and had ripped half way through my neck but I was still alive and covered in blood. People I know and who wanted to help me were looking on but were too afraid to help me because they were afraid of the dog and what he could do, the dog then said I have got jam on my face, which is quite strange.
    I woke up feeling perturbed but took it as a warning that a course of action I was about to take would end badly so I withdrew from the situation. I think the dog represents a person who feels wronged in my past and he is presenting two faces to the world. This dream overrode my sighting of the robin and this week I have seen gold lights in my living room when awake so I see that as Angels protection. This may all seem a bit mad to some people but I trust in spirit’s guidance.