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Dave the Druid

    Thank you for the history of how the BDO was founded. I think our Wiccan roots are showing.

    I came to be a Druid after reading a number of history books on the Celts. I realized that I was able to check all but 2 of the things that the Druids were credited with doing. I have studied astrophysics, hold degrees in both history and sociology. After my second visit to Avebury I returned to my lodgings and meditated on Druids and Druidry. I declared myself a Druid, not knowing or caring if there were others. I continued studying the Celts and Druids. Stepping out into the world I am more concious of my connection in it to all things. Walks in the woods allow me to be connected to the trees in and wildlife in deeper ways.
    My rituals tend to be simple and based on seasonal occurrences. I have always felt that a Druid is at home in the woods as I am.
    When I was ordained, a great deal of studying was spent on Druidry and wicca. I made the mistake of seeing Druids and witches as separate belief systems. I have met a number of witches and I treat them with the utmost respect. It is my hope that perhaps we can share information.
    I never had a spirit guide, a part of shamanic practice. I even had an exchange with Bobcat about it. (Greywolf, if you are still in touch Bobcat please tell her that I said hello.) So I became Dave the Druid. I have recently become the recipient of a spirit guide, namely a bear. It was passed to me by a Mikmaq medicine woman. I wanted to be a wolf but the universe has a sense of humour.
    We, Druids and Witches, have more in common than I thought.

    Peace and Harmony
    Dave the Druid