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david poole

    Visiting your local woods sounds like a wonderful idea and is something which I do all of the time, I am often visiting woods and this is very good because you get to see so much and it always leads to experiences of one kind or another

    Imbolc means ewe’s milk, it is associated with lambing and so using milk in ritual or drinking milk is an appropriate way to mark this occasion

    Bride or Saint Brigid is associated with Imbolc, this custom I think comes from Ireland where there are still shrines to Saint Brigid to this day. Strangely I don’t think that Lugh or the Dagda or any of the other Tuatha De were ever turned into saints, and yet a goddess was, and Christianity is somewhat opposed to that sort of thing

    Snowdrops have just started coming to my attention recently and I feel that this is actually a very good sign