Reply To: Awen & Me

True Owl

    Hi Greywolf,
    Hope you are keeping well.
    I loved your telling of your experiences when performing ‘the Battle of Trees’ in a ceremony at the Iron Age Roundhouse a few years ago. What made me blink, was your mention of a tingling effect you experienced – This, I have also experienced myself !
    I remember doing a healing on a friend of mine, who for many years had a wart on his finger. I rubbed the wart with a leaf and said some words over it, calling on the healing spirits of nature. After a week, the wart had disappeared, but unfortunately, my friend was not very grateful, as he put it down to coincidence! No matter – What I am pointing to though, was that whilst this healing was going on, I felt a flow of tingling electric static through my body at the time, just like you mentioned. I also put it down to the strong flow of awen, and have experienced this feeling many times, particularly when being creative, ie. when writing songs on guitar.
    May the awen continue to bless you abundantly.
    (True Owl).