Reply To: The New BDO Bardic Course


    Thank you all for your comments and to Dowgri for responding so thoughtfully and well to some of them. Your reply to DavetheDruid was pretty much exactly what mine would have been had I been around. The downside of devoting so much time to the bardic course upgrade has meant that I’ve not been around on the forum or on social media much.
    So, here’s a short update:
    Having reached the last batch of four bardic booklets, I started sending the earlier ones to Ronald Hutton who’s been a friend for thirty years and a BDO supporter and member almost as long. As such, he’s read and commented on pretty much everything I’ve ever written of Druidry, including previous editions of our courses. This time around, and despite an extremely heavy workload in his day job at Bristol Uni., Ronald has taken the time to comment in detail on several of the booklets and his comments have, in some cases, led to further revisions being made. These are mostly fairly minor, with the most substantial change being to a piece in booklet 2. Because the last revision has been so recent, the newly revised booklets won’t go online until sometime after Alban Eilir (Spring Equinox), by which time I hope to have finished the last four booklets.
    Then it’ll be on to updating the ovate course. Since it’s already fairly packed, it shouldn’t take as long as the bardic upgrade. A lot of it will be updating page references to the bardic course and updating quotations from the Mabinogi and Taliesin material, replacing the old Victorian versions with our brilliant new translations. Then I’ll do the same for the Druid course, at which point, apart from little bits of tinkering here and there, course revisions should be done with for quite some time. No idea what I’ll do then, but I guess I’ll think of something. Maybe record another album or two? Certainly start on converting the course for multi-media presentation. That alone should keep me busy for another few years!
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\