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    That’s quite alright! With many people just using the term “witch” in the broader sense, it can get quite confusing, even for some of us in the community. It definitely doesn’t help that a lot of authors and blog owners don’t always make it clear which path they’re writing about either.

    I actually wouldn’t fall under the Wiccan umbrella as I don’t follow the religion by Gerald Gardner or any of it’s offshoots. If I had to pick an existing label, I’d probably fall closest to Eclectic since my craft is not part of an established religious structure and is based more on folk practices and lore from different cultures. There was also a point I would have considered my practice Trad Craft, just a different variant than the one mentioned in the first post, but I found that the label did not quite fit what I do and was limiting.

    Of course! I would be more than happy to discuss my practice further and answer questions. Thank you for listening to my input.