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    The type of witchcraft mentioned in the original post appears to be “Traditional Witchcraft” specifically, which is only one type of witchcraft among many. And even then, there are various streams depending on which sources one chooses to follow and focus on. For example, many Trad Witches work heavily with the fae, while others focus solely on published grimoires.

    As for other types of witchcraft, there’s also Wicca, Eclectic Witchcraft, Hereditary Witchcraft, Hellenic Witchcraft, Christian Witchcraft, Luciferian Witchcraft, Satanic Witchcraft, and so on. It’s difficult to generalize, and doubly so when you consider that each practitioner is an individual with unique perceptions and beliefs.

    I myself am both a witch and a Bardic Druid. Before turning to Druidry, I already worked with and honored Na Morrígna as I am a polytheist. Then over time, I was pulled towards other aspects of the various Celtic cultures, and inevitably, this path. But besides honoring Deities, my craft also includes spirit work, animism, and meditation. None of which I’d consider incompatible with Druid beliefs.