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True Owl


    Re: “The word nwyfre still exists in Welsh, modern Welsh, and it still means ‘sky’…” _Dowrgi

    – Just for a little exercise, I looked up ‘nwyfre’ on the web in a variety of Welsh to English translator websites, and unfortunately I could not find its meaning as ‘sky’; and one Welsh University translator (Trinity St David, University of Wales) didn’t recognise the word ‘nwyfre’ at all !

    But I did find the following meanings from a variety of 10 other Welsh to English online translators :

    godly (x7)
    Unhood ? (x2)
    nature, free (x1)

    So, maybe the word ‘nwyfre’ has changed its meaning somewhat (from the Middle Welsh to Modern Welsh) – you could say that ‘Life force’ certainly acquaints with ‘godly’ & ‘nature’.