Reply To: Awen & Me


    Morning True Owl,

    You are right, languages do change; however, I see that as a natural, more organic, sort of evolution. The trouble with our old friend Iolo is that he just sort of made things up on the spot. The word nwyfre still exists in Welsh, modern Welsh, and it still means sky, firmament etc, and doesn’t mean “life force”, so my issue is really with that. However, far be it from me to be prescriptive about things.

    As for the Celtic languages, although I don’t think it’s necessary, nor would it be feasible in many cases, for all modern druids and bards to be fluent speakers of these languages, I do think some study and knowledge of them is a great boon for anyone in the druid traditions, after all, these are traditions birthed and rooted in the cultures of the Celtic countries – I don’t think you can separate them. Moreover, in a small sense, one is helping to keep these languages alive, which could also be seen a service to a community.

    … that is why I am learning the Welsh language myself, very slowly and with great difficulty, but I will get there. My ancestors were Welsh and I am sure they would be proud to know that I am attempting to carry on their spoken language (albeit in its modern form).

    O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau!